Linggo, Enero 1, 2012


Recently, my daughter Clarissa had her 8th art exhibit at the Boho Festival, Ayala Alabang Country Club featuring her latest paintings in acrylic.  One of the 30 paintings she exhibited is this very interesting piece of art.  When Clarissa drew this portrait, she was lazy to reach out and draw the eyes nose and lips in the middle of the face. I thought it was not one of her best art works.  But to my surprise, the big forehead and the facial features crowding below the face turned out really fantastic! It's amazing how she can draw and paint without any effort.  While it takes me days to figure out what to draw in a canvas, Clarissa takes 10-15 minutes only to draw a portrait like this.      

Indeed, Clarissa has a very special talent in spite of her disability. No matter how distorted her portraits look, God turns it into a beautiful masterpiece, having an extra ordinary impact on people.  Therefore, it will be unfair to give her all the credit or even to me for enhancing her works as I acknowledge that everything comes from the Master Himself, the one who created my daughter and chose to bestow her with this special gift.  

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."  
Matthew 19:26 
Although the art exhibit did not turn out as expected as it was held in a very private club, I am grateful to the organizers for choosing Clarissa's art works as the highlight of the event.  What is so unique about this exhibit is how the organizers of Boho (headed by Jun de Leon, a celebrity photographer, and Tessa Neri. a good friend), uniquely displayed her paintings in a white inflatable tent that looked like a giant igloo from a distance.  

Thank you Lord for another great opportunity to display your miracles through the life of my daughter Clarissa whom you've chosen to be born with Down syndrome.  As we start the year 2012, may you continue to use her in ways that will amaze and draw people to you.  Continue to bless her hands so she may draw and paint more portraits that will glorify your name.  

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  1. First of all, I think it is amazing how the two of you are able to communicate through art!

    It is interesting to observe how God distributes talents to each and every one of us. And praise God for how Clarissa is making the most of that talent.

    A thought dawned on me while reading your blog. Sometimes, the picture may look distorted. Like the painting that Clarissa did. But in parallel, this is also how a child with disabilities strike us most times.

    But to them, inside them, and if only we could really see them the way God sees them, everything simply makes perfect sense.

    They may be special children. But it takes a normal person with special eyes to truly understand and get them.