Biyernes, Enero 13, 2012


In our last parenting seminar for families of children with special needs at CCF, St Francis Square on September 2011, I was moved by the overwhelming response of almost 200 participants composed of parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers and therapists.  According to the survey form submitted to us, many were blessed by the message on biblical parenting, joyfully grateful to God for choosing them to be a parent of a special needs child despite the physical and financial burden it entails.

Because of this response, some concerned parents and I were burdened to organize a seminar particularly on "finances and our child's future" hopefully to give encouragement to those families who are going through financial difficulties in raising their child or for parents who simply want to learn about planning for adulthood of their child.

On February 18, from 8am to 12nn, we will be conducting a seminar entitled, "ANG PERA NA HINDI BITIN," a talk on financial stewardship and planning for the future of our child with special needs, at CCF overflow room, 4th floor, St. Francis Square.  We have invited financial gurus, legal and spiritual counselors to talk about God's original plan for money, how we are to spend, save, give, how to plan for our special needs child's future, investments and how to choose an administrator for them.  Be blessed by the testimonies of some parents who overcame financial difficulty and how the Lord faithfully provides for them.

I encourage you, parents of special needs children to come and attend this FREE seminar.  Register now by simply texting your name to 09178966258 or 09053784217.  Hope to see you there!

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