Miyerkules, Hulyo 27, 2011

Remembering "Clarisse Bead Jewelry"

Clarissa loves putting accessories on her paintings.

When my husband took Clarissa and me on a shopping trip
to Price Smart in 2002, he bought her a bead starter kit. It
had a variety of colorful glass beads, elastic strings, pins,
crowns and locks. Making bracelets will be good for her motor
skills, I thought. When we got home, we excitedly rushed
to our bedroom and opened the transparent plastic orga-
nizer, checking out the colorful beads we had just purchased.

Clarissa and I quickly learned to make a bracelet and a pair
of earrings. People praised our work and it inspired us to
make more. We started displaying them in my boutique in
Greenhills Theater Mall and they sold like the proverbial
“hot cakes.”

Eventually, I developed more sophisticated bracelets and
left the simple bracelets for Clarissa to do. My men’s clothing
boutique evolved into a bead jewelry store. I started
traveling abroad to find sources for more beads. By God’s
grace, my business grew and my bracelets were being sold
abroad. My store prospered and I knew that it was God
blessing me.

The story about how our bead jewelry business
had come about was featured in newspapers and local
magazines. We received invitations to guest on prime time
TV shows. Because of Clarissa, more and more people got
to know of my creations, and the abundant financial blessings
Remembering Clarisse Beads
from our business enabled me to get out of credit card
debt. Simply by wearing the bracelets, I find I am given
opportunities to share a beautiful story about a special
child who showed me a special talent and helped me get out
of debt.

Clarissa loves wearing necklaces and rings.
I hate to think that some might say all this happened
because Clarissa brought “luck” to me. God is the source of
our blessings, not Clarissa. He is our ultimate provider. The
Bible says we are to “put [our] hope in God, who richly
provides us with everything for our enjoyment,” 1 Timothy
6:17. I believe God blessed my business because He wanted
to use our story to inspire other people.

Clarissa and I no longer make bead jewelry but perhaps she never forgets those days when we would bond together through making bracelets.  I guess, this is the reason why she always puts accessories in her art works.

Thank you Lord for blessing us through our daughter Clarissa.

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  1. I'm awed by your testimony, Malu. He's amazing, isn't He? And your story inspires many.