Linggo, Hulyo 10, 2011

Blessing or Burden?

Collaborative paintings of Clarissa & Malu
24" x 32"  Medium: Acrylic
Some people think that having a child with special needs is a burden.  They require extra care, more medical expenses, special school, therapy... unconditional love, perseverance and a lot of patience.  This is true in a sense but I thank the Lord for helping me overcome this mindset.  Through Clarissa, He teaches me so many lessons in life that I will probably never learn any other way.  And because I've learned to be grateful to God, despite the difficulties of raising a child with Down syndrome, hearing impaired, mute, physically handicapped and bipolar, He has blessed us with a special gift, a gift that enables us to enjoy each other. The duty of being a hands-on-Mom has become more fun than ever because we both love to paint.

The joy Clarissa brings to me and my family far outweighs the burden and the hardships we experience in raising her.  She is certainly a blessing to us.

Thank you Lord for choosing me to be her Mom!

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  1. Love your post and I love your book! It has taught me a lot - really. I'm so glad my friend shared this blog with me. God bless you and Clarissa and may you continue blessing other people with your story.