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A MOTHER'S KIND OF BEAUTY BOOK (The kind of faith-based appeal that doesn't fade with time)

AUTHOR with her daughter
AUTHOR with her daughter
One of the chapters in OMF Publishing’s book, “Ikaw Na Ang Maganda,” by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz, mother, makeup artist, interior designer and advocate for parents of children with Down syndrome, talks about “18 Steps to Inner Beauty.”

She shares what she has learned from women. Excerpts:
Make God the center of your life, your top priority.

If your family is your No. 1 priority, there will be frustrations and a lot to worry about. If it’s work, you can get discontented and burn out. If your love life is your priority, you will end up feeling empty because husbands and boyfriends are only human. Money can destroy you and even your relationships. But if God is at the center of your life, He will bless your family, career, love life and finances—all for His glory.

Value family relationships.

The No. 1 command of God is that we should love Him. And His second most important commandment is that we should love others. Often, we show love to our family members based on our feelings. This is selfish love. We cannot expect to have a smooth relationship with our man or children if our priorities are distorted. People can sense whether we value them or not. But if we prioritize other things above our family relationships, we will one day feel empty and dissatisfied.

Give cheerfully.

“IKAWNa Ang Maganda,” by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz
“IKAWNa Ang Maganda,” by Malu Tiongson-Ortiz
Generous people will be blessed because they allow God to use them as a channel of blessing to others. Giving grudgingly is not giving at all. When we give cheerfully, our hearts experience a certain joy that will be manifested in our aura.

This joy puts a smile on our face and on the face of the recipient. Remember: Generosity is not only about giving financially. It also means generously giving of one’s time and talents.
Eat right.

Lahat naman tayo ay mahilig kumain—but not all food is good and healthy for us. We need to let go of unhealthy food and junk food. These can give us health problems. Because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and because we are the stewards of our bodies, we need to take care of it and eat what is right. Ang kasabihan nga ay “Eat to live, not live to eat!”

Have a good sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine. Many think that when a person becomes a Christian, nawawala na ang sense of humor niya. This is not true. God wants us to find joy and laughter as we live each day in His presence. We have to fill our hearts and minds with things that are pure and admirable, and God certainly wants us to be joyful.

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