Sabado, Hunyo 4, 2011

My Little Picasso

I thank the Lord for giving me the ability to draw. As an
Medium: Acrylic Paint
interior designer and a painter, I am able to teach Clarissa
through the talent that God has given me. Home-schooling
a deaf-mute is very challenging. For her to understand
what I am teaching, I have to draw everything. I had no
other way to teach her except through pictures and signs.
While speaking or mouthing the words, I taught Clarissa to
identify everything through pictures. She is learning more
and more words, and is able to spell them from memory
after practice and repetition.

I have been delighted to discover Clarissa also has artistic
ability. At the age of fifteen she started copying my drawings
of men and women, and drew for herself stylized
portraits of family members and friends. Believe it or not,
others have said these portraits are reminiscent of those
somewhat exaggerated portraits by Picasso! She uses vibrant
colors and the color combinations she chooses are amazing.
Her drawings of women are very detailed with eyelids, eyelashes,
eyebrows, teeth, tongue, grooves of the ears, and
accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Our walls at home
have become a mini gallery of my daughter’s oil pastel

When Clarissa celebrated her sixteenth birthday, we gave
her a party at home and decorated the whole house like an
art gallery. We had four different art activities for her guests:
apron-painting, beading, pastel drawing and pin craft. First,
her guests got to paint their own name and paint a design
on their apron. In another corner, we had beading materials
set up so the guests all got to make their own bracelets to
take home with them. I had also set up some vases on our
dining table, so the kids could learn to do still life pastel
drawings. And in our living room area, with our helper, we
assisted the children doing pin crafts. We were thrilled to
receive such positive feedback. My friend Dottie, mother of
Vicky Lou (former classmate of Clarissa), said it was the most
fun party her daughter had ever attended.

*Excerpts from "Embracing God's Purpose For My Special Child"

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